Sunday, March 25, 2012

So here it begins..... somewhere in the middle.

For YEARS I have been told I should BLOG.  For YEARS I have TRIED to BLOG, but every time I start one I forget about it... or forget the password... or forget the hint question to RETRIEVE the password.  Again today I was told by my friend Amanda, "You need a BLOG.  You know Erma Bombeck?  You are like HER.  You NEED a BLOG."
I'm not going to give you my life history.  You'll find out exactly who I am as a person probably in the first few postings.  The gist of it?  I'm 36.  I'm a Navy wife, a mother of 3, and I take pictures.  I'm a self taught photographer that started my own business several years ago.  For my followers, this skill will come in handy for your blogging enjoyment because I take pictures of everything, and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING.  From a fun day out at the beach to my 9 yr old's blue finger that was zip-tied by his older brother.  I did remove it, but told him "WAIT.... hold on," and ran for my camera .  (Disclaimer:  he still has all 10 fingers).  
My husband isn't a huge FAN of my rants and rambles because to some, it may "look bad" when the mom is video recording the kids fighting rather than mediating or posting about how his daughter used her safety scissors to "make bangs".  For ME, it keeps me focused, it keeps me on my toes, and it keeps me sane.  I blog about my kids, I blog about my husband (selectively, or course), and I blog about my LIFE.
I'm NOT Martha Stewart, I'm NOT Mary Poppins, and I'm SO far from perfect.  I am "THAT" lady that cusses like a sailor even though I am the wife of one.  I'm rough around the edges, have been told I don't have much of a filter, and have been known to ruffle some feathers with how I deal with my everyday life, but at the end of each closing post I can guarantee you... I am still happily married, my kids are all still alive and well, and I am not in a padded room or in handcuffs.  I'm the one that says what everyone else is thinking.  Some moms say in a restaurant, "We don't play with our food.  Please listen to mommy and don't do that ok?  Please sit down and stop screaming, ok?"  Well, I'm the mom that says, "Throw something else and I'mma throw YOU and if you keep screaming I'mma pinch your damn lips."
Ok ok ok..... may not be on Dr. Phil's top 10 choices of how to communicate with your child, but after 16 yrs of parenting 3 kids, I have yet to throw a child or pinch any lips and I bet you nothing else gets thrown during dinner and the screaming stops.  ;)  It is what it is.  I keep it real.  It's not for everyone and that's ok, but it works for me.
With that being said, I've decided to start up this blog to keep a record and share it with friends and I'm sure some randoms which is fine by me.  So much goes on in my day to day that make me cringe or smile or both at the same time that I should have started this a LONG time ago, but better late than never!  There is no better day than today.  Dad has been deployed, was due home later this week and unfortunately the mission has been extended indefinitely.  I'm not a happy camper to say the least and venting with the written word is 100 times better than chokin' someone out.  So here it begins..... somewhere in the middle.

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